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Wine Critic

The Vancouver Sun created Wine Critic to better serve our readers by converting wine columnist Anthony Gismondi‘s wine picks, published in-paper every Wednesday and Saturday, into a format easily consumed on portable devices.

The number of picks contained here will continue to grow each week as new ones are added. Users can sign up to be alerted via email as soon as the new picks are posted online, which is often prior to publication.

Wine Critic is not just about listing Gismondi’s picks. We have added useful tips under “Wine Smarts” to help you build your wine knowledge and to inform your wine buying decisions. Look for food matches, profiles of the most popular varietals, FAQs and more.

We have also compiled Gismondi’s articles and videos which will be updated consistently too. We will be adding new features as well, so check back with us often if you don’t sign up for the alerts.


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The Vancouver Sun

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Anthony Gismondi

Anthony Gismondi is one of Canada’s most influential and respected experts on wine tasting and the wine industry and he has been The Vancouver Sun’s wine critic since 1989. He judges and consults for numerous events and conferences locally and internationally and co-founded and continues to be involved in the preeminent annual National Wine Awards and World Wine Awards of Canada.

Wine Selection

All of the wines listed are personally tasted, selected and rated by Anthony Gismondi and the points awarded them are based on a ranking system with 100 as the highest number that can be achieved.

The wines fall within four categories: Six wines are Saturday Wine Picks; one-two wines are Recipe Matches and these are selected for for The Sun’s Food & Wine section published Saturday; One wine each is chosen For the Collector and BC Wine of the Week and these are published under “In the Cellar” on Wednesdays.

At times throughout the year there may be other content included that is from our Food & Wine quarterly features or for the Vancouver International Wine Festival in February.


Event listings are a combination of what Anthony Gismondi has selected to appear in his Wednesday column and events that are produced or sponsored by The Vancouver Sun.


All content is produced by The Vancouver Sun. The wine selections are made by Anthony Gismondi for his Vancouver Sun columns, published every Wednesday and Saturday. Wines are posted in the order in which they are published in the newspaper, and may be released before appearing in-paper.

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